Branding Development:

Consistency is crucial and when it comes to your brand. Your business needs to convey a consistent message across all marketing efforts. We start by developing a consistent positioning statement that showcases the unique strengths your business holds over your competitors. This leads to your entire branding package. Every element needs to mirror your message and business goals. Branding includes your company’s name, logo, graphic design; the style and the tone of any print and digital materials; the packaging of your products; along with the style and content of your social media presence. We can help you create a strong, relevant and consistent message which outlines exactly who you are and what you offer to your potential customers.

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional Marketing options have been used by companies for decades and have a proven success rate. In a time when marketing options have exploded there is still a very prominent role to be played by traditional marketing. Sky can plan, place, negotiate and manage all traditional marketing campaigns. Services include: Broadcast TV and Radio, Print, Outdoor, Direct Mail, etc.

Grassroots Marketing:

Grassroots marketing is instrumental in every marketing plan. Grassroots Marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience using simple techniques. In this strategy efforts target small focused groups of consumers that will spread your message to a much larger audience. We know how to ignite a spark among the community to get them positively talking about you.

Services Include: Local Store Marketing, Events, Sponsorships, Cross Promotions, Street Teams, Consumer Brand Activation, Brand Ambassadors, Speaking Engagements, Word of Mouth, Client Testimonials etc.

Public Relations:

The goal and value of PR is to build, enhance and protect our clients reputations through the media. We will analyze your organization, find positive messages and translate those into positive media stories. Crisis management is also a large part of PR. If your company is the focus of bad news or bad reviews you need a professional to manage the spin of that news through the media or online review forums to protect your company’s reputation as much as possible. With our media and community relationships, we have the ability to get you exposure to promote or protect your company.

Services includes: Media Relations/Placement, Media Training, Press Releases, Communications Strategy, Crisis Management.

Digital Media:

If you want to know just how important digital media is just take a look around you anywhere you are at any time. People are fixated on their media devices such as smart phones which provide them with digital media constantly. Consumers are able to get up to the minute information anytime, anywhere regarding anything of interest via their email, company review sites, social media, web searches, websites, text messages etc.

The unique aspect of digital media is that it allows consumers access to communications with information on not just what your company says about your brand, but what actual customers, media, friends, relatives, etc., are saying as well. If you do not have a Digital Media presence you might as well just close up shop now. We can help you with all your Digital Media needs. Website creation/analysis, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPP), Social Media marketing, Email Marketing, Text Messaging (SMS), Newsletters/Blogs, Analytics.

Social Media Management:

There are over 250 million Social media users just in the United States and over 2.2 Billion worldwide as of 2016. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, You Tube, Snapchat, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. all have great value to marketers to reach specific target markets. Social media is a revolution and has become the main platform to be able to access and connect with your target consumers. With the landscape, trends, algorithms and tools changing daily, it is hard to keep up with how to maximize your exposure. Professional Social media management is critical but it is also very cost effective. As your marketing partner, your social media presence will remain relevant, accessible, engaging and trend worthy. Talk to us about what we can do to increase your exposure via specific social media platforms.

Lead Generation:

Your business only grows if you bring in new business. Business to business lead generation has evolved into a very time consuming process which needs to be mapped, organized and have a managed step by step strategic process to turn leads into business. Instead of adding supervisory needs to your day along with incurring the high cost of hiring management, sales reps and brand ambassadors to find and develop new business prospects turn to Sky Strategic Marketing. We have the experience, leadership and business development plans to find and cultivate new business leads for you. Our program utilizes sales calls, CRM management, social media, local visits, digital and printed collateral materials, cross promotions and networking events to get your products and services in front of important decision makers.

Special Project Management:

Running a business successfully means that you have to be an expert at what you do. That takes a focused level of time and commitment. Special projects or events can be highly beneficial to a business but they are vastly different to conduct than your day to day business operations. These specialized projects need specialized management to be as successful as you need them to be. Sky Strategic Marketing can manage your special projects saving you valuable time, scope issues, risks, vendor headaches, excessive costs, etc. Projects we specialize in include: Grand openings, rebranding, product launches, event management, event services and vendor management.

Graphic Design:

Graphic design is everywhere. It is every website you see, every ad you click on, every billboard you drive by and every magazine you open. With so many messages, it is crucial to have cutting edge designs and collateral materials to catch the eye of your target market. Creating strong visuals to leave a lasting impression on potential customers is critical.


We have a way with words and want to share it with the world. From developing creative content for press releases, speaking engagements and collateral material to writing radio or television scripts we know how to convey your message with powerful, engaging and intriguing words.

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