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Let’s Spread Kindness

The Team Behind "Let's Spread Kindness"
Sky Strategic Marketing is a full service marketing agency based in Tampa Florida. The Sky team specializes in helping business owners soar above their competition and claim their unfair share of business in the marketplace!

June 8, 2020


For Sky Strategic Marketing founder Tanya Cielo, kindness is a core belief for the agency. Local reporter Sarina Fazan met up with the Sky team to learn about the launch of the “Let’s Spread Kindness” initiative and what we are doing to spread kindness all over the Tampa Bay area.

Tanya said, “The great thing about kindness is that it is free. It could be a smile. It could be an air high five from far away. It could be a positive five-star review. It could be, here’s a meal. It could be whatever that person needs to receive to feel just a little bit of brightness in these dark times.”

While the Sky team has always believed in being kind every day, we feel even more passionately about it now than ever before. And, that’s where the “Let’s Spread Kindness” initiative begins.

Director of Operations Audra Butler explained, “Kindness is at the heart of people…I think that it’s something that small businesses can get behind. I think it’s something that major corporations could get behind. I think that it’s something that every day families could behind and really grab onto that message and share.”

To help spread that message of kindness, we have even created a new website. Digital and Brand Manager Gabriel Guerrero designed the website to capture the essence of the team’s mission. He said, “I think we all have some social responsibility. I think we should all give back to the community.”

In addition, we started a GoFundMe site so we can brighten the lives of even more people. Kelly Falconer Miller, Sky’s business development manager, said, “I think it is important that we realize that we need to help make our communities a better place, it is not going to just happen on its own.”

We hope you will join us and start spreading kindness. We encourage you to tag us on social media with #LetsSpreadKindness or #StartSpreadingKindness as you share acts of kindness in your community. And, if you know someone who needs some kindness, please let us know!

As Tanya said, “Kindness is forever, and everyone can use a little bit of kindness.”

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